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Portraiture encapsulates a moment, a life , a story to be told. Using my lenses and techniques such as lighting and composition, these pictures reveal the inners of the subject as well as my artistic visions in a fine art way, and not just showing a typical "smile at the camera".

Published on magazines and exhibited in shows/galleries.

A project that deals with the emotions of isolation, loneliness and grief, with a  vintage kitsch feel, done with the use of cinematic lighting and composition and Marco's expressiveness.

Taking a retro futuristic style, it touches upon the greatest public fear in the era of Y2K, the end of the world, except this time it might just happen. As we go each day one step closer to a fully mechanised world, will we be completely inseparable from tech, will we be completely replaced by tech?

Documenting Trevor's exploration and embracing of his gender identity, something often associated with and yet completelu different from his sexual orientation.

A dim and gothic photoshoot featuring Saif and his vampire alter ego. 

A photoseries that explores the suffering brought upon by bipolar disorders done for Jamie for his graduation project.

Is this dream or nightmare? Is this dream or fantasy? Is this dream or reality?

A photoshoot done for Marco for his social media content.

A streetsnap session with Mya , capturing lifestyle photos for her model portfolio. 

Capturing Tori's amazing style and attitude of life in the streets of Shoreditch for her portfolio.

Wandering off into the opening arms of mother nature, a fairy core shoot surrounding what Oriana's passion lies in.

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