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Fashion is an undeniable part of me, and though styling is applied to all my photoshoots, using attire as the subject to convey a story is another matter. I have experience with E-commerce, but have also done the more editorial type of fashion communication: for fashion designers, brands and stylists.

Comissioend by brands/stylists, published on magazines and exhibited in art spaces.

This SS22 Campaign  aims to showcase the emergence of equality and the breaking of boundaries, appealing to a diverse group of potential consumers, especially to the younger generation. This was achieved in the styling( done by myself) and the use of lighting and compositios.

This project uses tropes of kinks and fetishes in Cathryn's styling to explore the theme of lust, making use of iconic props and attire such as Japanese Shibari and latex wear.

This campaign aims to create a vibrant summer  atmosphere, with the y2k fashion aesthetic which captures the love of West Carolina's  youth audience. This is done through the set design and art directed and captured by me.

This project plays with the conventional form of 'streetsnap', marrying Dudu's extravagant fashion design with mundanity, which creates a stark contrast visually and symbolically.

花兒凋謝後 你還在嗎?

"Will you still be here when the flowers wither and fall?" A fashion editorial with a new oriental look that deals with love and time.

This project aims at celebrating and healing all of us who had to store their femininity away, those who were denied to explore their authentic gender expression; exploring the daydreaming and the wounds that marked the stylist,Giacomo.

This project focuses on queer visibility throughout rave and club culture. This party culture embraced LGBTQ+ visbility and enhanced the strength in the community, createing a safe space to be different, to be queer, to be themselves.

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