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Sophie Powers

Comissioned by Sophie Powers. Edits done for Sophie Powers, young rock musician from the US. Remote work, collages made from photos by @imnotrealgta4ever

9T0A7458 copy.jpg


Digital art made from photographs, from clients and myself. Commissioned by clothing brands and international artists to create an incomparable aesthetic to promote their visions and their products/services. Employed in my own artworks to heighten the  visual communication of themes and styles.

Drop Dead Official

Comissioned by DROPDEAD. A digital collage series of myself with popular clothing brand DropDead, founded by Oli Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon

The Coming of the Technological Apocalypse

Published on HUNTER Magazine. Digital Collages and Edits done from my photoshoot with Marshall exploring technology and its implications for humanity in the near future.

Cocoisaboy SS21

Comissioned by Cocoisaboy. Edits of myself in Cocoisaboy's SS21 Dragon Disco Tee, comissioned for influencer and social media marketing, using creative editing to relaise their brand identity and appeal to target audiences.


Edits of the Bipolar photoshoot, used to strengthen the presentation of the themes and ideas.

A collection of unbranded / independent edits/digital arts I have done for personal projects or in collaborations, including graphics and collages.

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